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Legislation and digitization


Legislation and digitization



The digitization of society and government affects legislationin various ways, both as product and as process. Nowadays, nearly all legislation ends up in IT-systems for automated decision-making or in service portals or apps for citizens and businesses. This requires that the meaning of legal rules is clear and unambiguous, for a computer cannot cope with open norms and ambiguity.

In the legislative process, digital implementation should preferably be taken into account from the very beginning, as IT offers many possibilities, but sometimes also imposes restrictions. That is why co-operation between policymakers, law drafters, implementation experts and IT-developers is of great importance. The IT-aspect also deserves more focused attention in the parliamentary process.

In this project, we investigate the requirements for a proper connection between legislation and IT, aiming at a truly lawful implementation of legislation in a digital environment.



General legal concepts and specific legal rules
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