Postgraduate education at the VU Law Academy

Experts of CPC offer the following postgraduate programs under the auspices of VU Law Academy (only in Dutch): 

We also provide the following masterclasses and in-company trainings commissioned by VU Law Academy (only in Dutch): 

In-company training

We further provide in-company training and are able to adapt our following courses to the specific needs of our clients:


  • In-company Courses Constitutional and Administrative Law:
    • Recent developments in Administrative (Procedural) Law
    • Introduction to Government and Private Law
    • Government Contract Law
    • Self-regulation in Administrative Law: Standardization of Conformity Assessment
  • In-company Courses Procurement Law
    • Recent developments in Public Procurement Law
    • Revision of the Dutch Public Procurement Act
    • Introduction to Public Procurement Law
    • Interaction between Public Procurement Law and Law of Obligations