About our Research

Our research mainly concerns the allocation by the government of individual rights such as licences, concessions, contracts, and subsidies. It involves:

  • the manner in which the government organizes such allocation of rights;
  • the various roles which the government combines (allocator, regulator and planner);
  • the involvement of semi-public entities or private market parties.

The following practical examples are illustrative of our field of research:

  • Auction of 5G mobile phone frequencies.
  • Climate change and energy transition.
  • Procurement and subsidy processes in the social domain.
  • Workable implementation of legislation with ICT.
  • Procurement and tendering of ICT and other government projects.
  • Distribution of research grants by NWO.
  • Certification and standardization in construction.

The research is conducted from the perspective of law and regulation. We conduct fundamental scientific research. We also carry out research and consultancy commissioned by legal practice. Our external clients come from both government and commercial consultancy.

Research themes

The research of CPC focuses on the following connected themes:

Allocation of scarce rights by the government

Contracting with the government

Distribution of responsibilities on the market

Governance: regulation and innovation